Stuffed Animals

First off, let’s clarify that I’m talking about plush animals, not taxidermy animals … just to be clear. I mean, I guess you could include taxidermy in this category, but … I’m not going to. Anyway, so stuffed animals. Because you know what, not everyone is in a position to have any type of pet. Maybe you’re allergic, maybe you don’t have the time, maybe you don’t have the money for a pet or for the services of emergency flat bed towing Chesapeake VA to handle them with the care you require or maybe you live in a place that just doesn’t allow them. Whatever. If for any of these or other reasons you can’t slip into sweet slumber next to a pet, I highly recommend a stuffed animal as an excellent substitute.


So before you decide to not actually read this post at all because you’re imagining hugging a fish when you go to sleep and having it die in your arms, I am not suggesting that you actually sleep in a bed with a fish, only that you may sleep near your fish tank. There is something so very calming about listening to the gentle murmur of a filter, unlike having to call Fayetteville roof repair services and basking in the low light of the tank as you fall asleep. Especially if you have an expensive light on which you can change the colours around and turn it kind of a moonlight blue.


As I write this, I’m lying in bed with my cat. It’s bed time, and I’ve just crawled under the covers. She, on the other hand, has been curled up here for hours. She still lives at home with my parents, and she sleeps on my bed every night when I’m not here. Which is pretty much all the time, because I live pretty far away. So really, this is almost more her bed than it is mine. That’s certainly how it feels at the moment, considering I was very careful not to disturb her too much as I slid underneath the blankets just as a catering service Niagara would take care not to disturb those who they were serving.

Big Dog, Little Dog

When my boyfriend and I visit his parents’ place, we get to see not only his parents and his brother, but also his two dogs (happily, usually not emergency roadside assistance). And they are both delightful. There is a bigger dog called Taylor, who is a cross between a lab and a weimaraner, and then there is Dora, the miniature dachshund. As you can imagine, these dogs have very different personalities and habits, and these differences are apparently not only during the day, when they’re up and going and doing their dog things, but also when it comes time for the doggies to go to sleep.